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BBQ temptations 2023

The best ingredients for the flavor trends 2023! 

From poultry to game and seafood or vegetarian: Tasty treats for every palate 🔥🍽

 The most delicious spice mixtures and BECK SoftFix marinades for a great BBQ season 2023💪😁

From trendy to traditional: we have expanded our selection of barbecue spices and marinades for the 2023 BBQ season and also provide a practical tool: With the color finder in the barbecue spice compendium, you can produce even more economically and meet every customer request.

Do you know that: your customers choose their grilled food according to the type of meat, taste and colour? Do you have to process the spices and marinades in as many different ways as possible according to quantity and type of meat?

We will now support you even more efficiently in making the right selection: in our new product special, you can quickly put together your BBQ seasonings and BECK SoftFix marinades according to color and meat. Whether red, green, yellow or colorless, whether beef, pork, poultry, game or fish: With the BECK Compendium you can quickly decide what can be processed efficiently in larger quantities and guarantees good sales in your BBQ counter.

Have fun readyinf and trying!


 p.s.: you can find the entire brochure in the download area