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Our boss becomes a meat sommelier

Manfred Beck loves and lives for the honest, tasteful and spicy processing and preparation of food.



For over 40 years, he has put his full energy and passion into his job. From the parental butcher's shop to his own spice plant, the love of meat and sausage remains.
In order to be able to provide everything for his customers, Mr. Beck has decided to deepen his knowledge and to take the course "Fleisch-Sommelier" at Fleischerschule Augsburg. The focus is on knowledge about meat from different viewpoints. From rearing, keeping and feeding to slaughter, sensors and marketing to legislation and research, everything is covered. Current developments and trends in the dynamic meat industry will also be discussed during this course - important input that can be passed on directly to our customers.

The whole team congratulates our boss on his excellent graduation!